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Vino Novello Vino Novello Vino Novello Vino Novello

San Marti'

i.g.t. Novello Colli Aprutini




Vino Novello

Vine: 100% montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Playnting: 3.333 grapes per hectare

Production per hectare: 100 hl

Harvest: 19 september 2007 

Vinification: carbonic maceration for 15 days and then fermentation under controlled temperature 

Alcohol degree: 13,5% 

Organoleptic characteristics: fragrant and tasty new wine, of intense ruby red colour and persistent fruity bouquet of berries; its taste is delicate and slightly sweet.

Combining:  well combined with autumnal dishes with mushrooms and chestnuts. 



Vino Novello Vino Novello Vino Novello Vino Novello            

   San Martì vino novello           vineyard and sea              


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