Antonio 1865

Antonio Lattanzi 1865 - 1958


       Antonio Lattanzi  was born in San Vito Chietino (Chieti) on  12th june 1865. His parents were Domenico Lattanzi, profession coastguard, and  Maria Giuseppa Poliandri.  A man with eclectic mind, he started a lot of businesses, about production but over all trading, one of these was just about wine. In his cash book we can see that he used to sell wine since 1894 but the first important transaction was on 1899 as can be seen in the picture below. The barrels full of wine were shipped  to the station  upon little carts carried by oxen. There was a team of  porters at Giulianova's Station , they picked up the wine on the wagons . Some years after the wines were carried on Lattanzi's wagons. On  encomium wrote for local news  we can read something about him:

Antonio Lattanzi, of humble origin, thanks his continuous hard work, made with cleverness method  and honesty, he had known how to develop trading about wines, musts, grapes and jams ( made with an apple called "cotogna"), fruits and vegetables  on our region and everywhere, always with great impact.

He started these businesses thirty years ago and has always been  wellknown by everyone for the good quality of his products, as well told by those customers  which had bought goods from him. Local newspaper had often told about him with good words.

Stazione Ferroviaria di Giulianova

Giulianova's Station at the time of Antonio

Thanks to a continuous development of wines trading, he runs a very flourishing enterprice. He has got cistern-wagons too  on which we can read the firm "  Antonio Lattanzi & Sons”. But over all  Antonio Lattanzi is wellknown for his honesty, for punctuality of delivery and payments that is a very rare thing nowadays. Furthermore he has enjoyed everyone's respect,  by every social degree, in his town and everywhere. "

We know he run other businesses too. Amoung those there were: the capture of game, well sold to Count Stanislao Grabinsky in Bologna, the opening of the first tobacconist shop in Giulianova on  1910, in which he sold everything, he had got some bathing hats for tourists near the bathing establishment called  "Venere", during summer, and so on other businesses by his own or with partners. All those businesses, after some time, were managed trought his sons. Domenico in primis.

At the beginning of 1900 he bought an allotment in Giulianova Borgo Marina where in 1920 was built  an edifice, in a very desolate waste,but  not as well as now. That building is still our cellar. By origin it was conceived as Hotel with 8 large rooms. The floor had been made yet, but he never finished his projet.

Quaderno dei conti

Antonio' s cash book

(wine for Giuseppe Paci from Castellamare Adriatica, now Pescara)


 He started to use that building with only one large room, for conservation of wines. Two long lines of barrels were stocked in. He bought them from an old brewery in Avezzano. One of those is still present in our cellar.

One time more we have to thanks to him for what we know about our family. To win a challange against his partner he ordered a genealogical research about our family  in which was proved that this ancient and noble family had its origin in Velletri (Rm). Someone of our ancestors were Cardinals and some others officers of papal army.One of those was "general Giuseppe Lattanzi". (Family tree)

Antonio Lattanzi died on 13 december1958 when was 93 years old!. There's still something of his own in our way of working. On 1990, thanks to Giorgio Tanzi, Antonio's grandson, there was the first meeting - dinner amoung all Antonio's grandsons. There were present the last two survivors of his ten sons: Pietro and Teresa. Some  pictures of that.