Antonio 1865


Domenico 1894


Giuseppe 1928


Domenico 1963


Leonardo Giuseppe 2004






        Lattanzi's enterprise was founded at the end of 1800th by Antonio Lattanzi., that started wines trading also with foreign countries, but was his first son Domenico who founded the cellar in Giulianova Beach in 1920, in which they start winemaking.

Good merchant, he bought grapes Montepulciano and Trebbiano from local farmers, turning them into wine sold bulk in tankers to customers from northern Italy. His son Giuseppe carried on making good wine and was among the first in the province of Teramo to introduce the bottling of wines. So in the sixties appeared the first bottles of Montepulciano and Trebbiano wine, signed  Giuseppe Lattanzi.   

           At present Lattanzi's firm, with its 2.500 ectolitres of wines principally red and rosè, is quite involved in the research of more tipical wine as possible, thanks to its consolidated knowledge of territory in which it operates and people it works in.



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